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Executive Committee

Our Executive Committee plays a vital role in setting the direction of the Band Alumni Chapter, as well as preserving the outstanding tradition of the Mighty Sound of the South. Committee members work to locate and maintain contact with alumni around the world. They plan and organize events to keep alumni involved with the present-day UofM Band. The Committee is a major fundraising resource for the Band and the University. And, through the planning and organization of events such as the marching contest, we help to promote high school bands in the Mid South and to recruit more outstanding students to the University.

Committee members are selected at the beginning of each calendar year. Nominations are made by existing Committee members or the UofM band directors. Once you are elected to the Executive Committee, there are no "term limits" - you may stay on as long as you can attend our monthly meetings and stay active in our events. Committee membership requires a significant commitment of time, but the rewards are tremendous! If you are interested in becoming a Executive Committee member, please us today!

2008-2009 Executive Committee Officers are:
- Trumpet 1983-1988 Vice-President:
- Trombone/Drum Major 1997-2002 Co-Secretary:
- Trombone 1997-2000 Co-Secretary:
- Trumpet/Drum Major 1995-2000 Treasurer:
- Saxophone 1988-1992 Current Executive Committee members are:
 - Tuba 1989-1992
 - Flute 1983-1987
 - Guard 1980s
 - Guard 1999-2002
 - French Horn 1996-2001
 - Clarinet 1989-1993
 - Guard 1999-2002

Advisors to the Executive Committee are:
 - Alumni Association Advisor
 - Director of Bands
 - Associate Director of Bands
 - Associate Director of Bands

Chapter By-Laws

The following two documents define the Band Alumni Chapter's purpose, operating structure, membership, rules, and the function of the Executive Committee, among other things.

The Constitution of the Band Alumni Chapter explains the organization's name, purpose, membership, meetings, officers, finances, by-laws, and amendments.

The Chapter's By-Laws define the duties of the officers and standing committees, conduct of meetings, and general governance procedures of the Chapter.

If you have any questions or comments about our Constitution or By-Laws, feel free to direct them to our .

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