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  UofM Band Alumni Chapter     
The University of Memphis Bands Mighty Sound of the South Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music

Contest Leadership

Each year, the men and women of the University of Memphis Band Alumni Chapter volunteer hundreds of hours to planning and producing The Bandmasters Championship. Our contest leadership team consists of:

Copyright 2013, The University of Memphis Band Alumni Chapter

As contest director, Mr. Stinson is responsible for the planning and execution of the The Bandmasters Championship. He is the main point of contact for participating band directors, and also controls event-day operations from the press box. Jeremy has been the director of The Bandmasters Championship since 2003. Under his leadership, the event has grown tremendously, with band participation, fan attendance and public awareness at all-time highs.

Mr. Stinson is a 1997 graduate of Collierville High School. He was a trombonist in The U of M band from 1997 to 1999, and drum major from 2000-2001. While on the graduate staff with The U of M Band in 2002, Mr. Stinson assisted with the marching band and conducted the pep band at Lady Tiger basketball games. Mr. Stinson holds a Bachelor of Arts and Masters Degree from The Univesity of Memphis. Mr. Stinson is the owner of Tiger Gift Shop.

Chris is a 1989 graduate of Nashville's McGavock High School, where he marched with two state championship and three national finalist bands, and was a tuba player in the U of M band from 1989 to 1993. Mr. Darr holds Bachelor of Arts and Master of Business Administration degrees from the U of M. He is employed by FedEx Express as Manager of Aircraft Propulsion Maintenance.

Mr. Nelson is responsible for contacting and recruiting the business community to support The Bandmasters Championship. Greg is also responsible for all external communication for the contest in regards to public and media relations. With valuable sponsors associated with the contest, it continues to be a premier event for the University of Memphis.

Mr. Nelson is a 1983 graduate of Millington High School. He was a trumpet player in the U of M  band from 1983-1988. Greg has a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism from the University of Memphis and is currently in sales/customer service for Champion Awards. Greg is a past President of the U of M Band Alumni Chapter. He also serves on the Journalism Alumni Club Board of Directors. In addition, he is a member of the Highland Hundred, the Fastbreak Club and the Rebounders (Board member from 2005-2007).

Mr. Darr has played a leading role with The Bandmasters Championship since 1998. A past contest director, Chris led the team in 2002 that redesigned the contest and moved it permanently into the Libery Bowl. He now oversees a variety of areas including adjudication/scoring, rules and procedures, video production, and the contest website.