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The Bandmasters Championship utilizes the "caption" scoring system, consisting of eight (8) Adjudicators. Each Adjudicator is responsible for evaluating a specific area of the performance. These are the eight Adjudicator captions (click on links to view scoring sheets in pdf file format):

Music Ensemble #1 (20%): Evaluates the band's total musical performance from two perspectives: content, including quality of orchestration, range, expression, expression and demand); and achievement, including clarity, balance, blend, tone, tuning, precision and uniformity. This adjudicator considers all wind and percussion sections in analysis and commentary.

Music Ensemble #2 (20%): Same criteria as Music Ensemble #1.

Music Effect (15%): Evaluates the musical repertoire, including such aspects as creativity, variety, artistry, and audience engagement. Also evaluates achievement of the repertoire. This adjudicator considers all wind and percussion sections in analysis and commentary.

Visual Ensemble #1 (10%): Evaluates the band's total visual performance from the perspective of content, including quality of construction, unity of elements, integration, cohesion and skills. Also evaluates acheivement of spatial and ensemble control, precision, orientation, uniformity and style.

Visual Ensemble #2 (10%): Same criteria as Visual Ensemble #1

Visual Effect (15%): Evaluates the visual repertoire including staging, variety, creativity, artistry, enhancement of music and audience appeal. Also evaluates achievement through communication, professionalism and emotion.

Percussion (5%): Individual and ensemble music performance of all percussion units, including battery and sideline (pit) percussion.

Color Guard (5%): Individual and ensemble performance of all color guard/auxiliary units, including flags, rifles, sabers, twirlers, majorettes, and dancers.


Adjudicators for The Bandmasters Championship are selected by the contest staff. Each adjudicator must possess the highest level of competence and fairness, and have a solid reputation among fellow music educators.

Every effort is made to select Adjudicators from outside the immediate geographic areas of the participating bands.

To ensure the selection of qualified Adjudicators with consistent educational philosophies, the contest staff may utilize the services of a judges' association.

To facilitate continuity of judging from one year to the next, up to three (3) Adjudicators may be retained from the previous year's panel. However, no person may serve as an Adjudicator more than two (2) years consecutively.

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